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Calendar Kristina Lachaga iTunes

Combine age-old wisdom with this artist's young heart and you have "Calendar." This song's specific and carefully selected instrumentation provides the romantic feel and backdrop for every young heart's never-ending question of "When will I find love?" The contemporary composition's take on the high expectations of love is examined through the lyric's creative imagery. "Calendar" provides the listener with a melodic heart-sweeping touch of romanticism like a lyrical dance. The beautiful, bright vocals of Kristina Lachaga on "Calendar" reaffirms that "Love doesn't know dates on a calendar, love only knows when it's time."

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Won't Wait Forever 

Kristina Lachaga Won't Wait Forever iTunes
Kristina Lachaga takes on a seemingly "one-sided teenage crush" in her first-written Pop song "Won't Wait Forever." Powered by drums, guitar, and Kristina's vocals with that powerhouse note in the bridge, “Won't Wait Forever” is about hesitation, questioning that first move, but not waiting forever. 

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No Doubt 

Kristina Lachaga No Doubt iTunes

Kristina Lachaga's single "No Doubt" has a distinct edgy vibe. It is conveyed through this tune's driving beat that when you've just had enough and things are too confusing, there's "No Doubt' you're gonna shout it out and move on. 

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