Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart......

Download Last Christmas on iTunes!

Hey #Heartbreakers! Merry Christmas Eve Eve! "Last Christmas" I gave you my heart....and a Christmas single on iTunes! I love hearing how your families have been getting into the holiday spirit with my cover of "Last Christmas" - it means the world!

Last chance to grab "Last Christmas" on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, CD Baby, or stream it on Spotify! Hope your family, friends, and YOU enjoy listening to my cover while you're trimming the tree and filling your house with holiday cheer ((& the smell of cookies baking in the kitchen!)) ;D

Hope my version of "Last Christmas" warms YOUR heart this holiday season! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!


love, the girl with the big pink heart

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"Kristina Lachaga's Last Christmas will warm your heart this holiday season. Her passionate and heartfelt vocal performance is a gift to treasure. Last Christmas she gave you her heart; this Christmas she gives you a song that's just for you...someone special."

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