#MMxKristina: #MusicMonday Just Hit a High Note with Kristina's Weekly Song Pick!

Hey #Heartbreakers! I've wanted to create this for a long time and it's finally here: #MMxKristina! The 'MM' is short for #MusicMonday, so it's basically Music Monday by...ME. On Mondays, I'll share my weekly song pick with you on Twitter and post it here in a cumulative playlist for you to listen to on both YouTube and Spotify! There are SO many songs that I L-O-V-E and what's the point of me keeping them all to myself?! I can't wait to share them with YOU. YAY.

Music has a story beyond just what the song actually says - everyone has their own personal relationship and connection with a song (where they first heard it, why they love it, who they're always with when they belt that song out in their car on long car rides home). Those moments and memories are special and sometimes what you remember (or love) more about the song than maybe even the song itself. I guess it's like: "Music: Play the moments. Pause the memories. Stop the world for a few minutes. Rewind the happiness."

Stay tuned cause you never know...I might even surprise you with a song rendition of my own for #MMxKristina! ;)

The Songs:

Monday1: You can totally dance all night long to No One Else by Isac Elliot!

Monday2: Kinks Shirt by Matt Nathanson is one of those songs that follows me around...I swear. Whenever I go in Michaels this song is always playing. Every trip. No joke. No lie. (But side note: It's so true that we all love a good band tee, so who wouldn't mind is there's a guy out there thinking about how cool we look in our fave one? I don't own a Kinks shirt, but fingers crossed one of my other shirts will strike up a convo lol).

Monday3: Waste The Day by The After Party - I randomly downloaded The After Party's Kansas EP in 2013 because...I liked their album artwork. True story. The EP came up as a recommendation on iTunes and the album artwork caught my eye (go look it up - seriously cute and it didn't even show the band). Funny because I didn't even know what the band looked like until I went to grab their music video to add to the #MMxKristina YouTube playlist today. Seriously. I had never looked them up, I just like their sound and that was enough. It's cool when you can like the music for just the music (without having even seen the people behind it). Check 'em out!

Monday4: Absolutely (Story of a Girl) by Nine Days - Thank you random YouTube search results for introducing me to this song back in either 2007/2008/2009. I was a HUGE Seddie (Sam and Freddie) shipper during the iCarly days (Season 2, Episode 8: iKiss was life) and back in the day when you searched 'Seddie' on YouTube only a few videos would come up. One of those ship videos used Absolutely in the background...and I fell in love with it. I can't find the original upload (it was really good and had a lot of Seddie moments/edits), but someone made a new one with this song. I appreciate it and I approve. Check out Absolutely (Story of a Girl) in the YouTube playlist - I gave ya the new Seddie video I found and Nine Days' video, too! You can thank me later.

Monday5: Fight Song by Rachel Platten...and SURPRISE! It's my cover! I recorded this cover to help raise money to donate to Susan G. Komen last year and posted it on my SoundCloud. For every view on my YouTube cover through 10/31, I'm donating 25¢ to Susan G. Komen. Help me help Komen to "save lives and end breast cancer forever" - click away, #Heartbreakers!

Monday6: Black Magic by Little Mix! Happy Halloween!!! I hope you enjoy this spooktacular song - it's my jam and the girls' music video is life. It's totally perfect for blasting while you Trick or Treat, #Heartbreakers! (And don't forget to eat some extra candy for me! xo)

Hmm.....Loading my next fave for ya! Check back ;)

Have a song suggestion for #MMxKristina and a story to share with it?! Tweet it to me @KristinaLachaga for the chance to get YOUR fave song picked and featured!

Crank it up! ;D


love, the girl with the big pink heart

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