WATCH: Climbing with Courage: Living Life "Off-Script" with Gabi Robledo - Coach, Athlete & Traveler

Hey #Heartbreakers! We're almost to the Girl Scout Cookie Season finish line! To help you stay motivated to keep reaching your goals and climbing with courage, USA Girl Scouts Overseas and I are releasing the FULL interviews from our 2022 Cookie Rally!

Kristina Lachaga & Gabi Robledo - USA Girl Scouts Overseas' Cookie Rally

Next up is our Special Guest Gabi Robledo: Coach, Athlete, & World Traveler!

When Gabi was 14 her life totally changed when her parents made the bold decision to sell everything they owned in their house, ditch conformity, and move into an go travel the world! Gabi went from playing soccer & being a gymnast while living a "normal" suburban life in California to taking on the world in an RV with her entire family and following adventure and their souls' purposes wherever it took them. They were in search of rocks to climb, waves to surf, and peaks to hike.

These adventures have brought Gabi and her family to 26 countries around the world and 15+ states and even helped Gabi debut as a TEDx Speaker this year.

Get inspired by Gabi's life adventure and learn how to be the hero of your own story, embrace others' strength (and weaknesses!) to create a successful & thriving teamwork environment, and live life "off-script!"

Watch my full interview with Charlotte from Cookie Rally on YouTube!

Keep up with Gabi's adventures on her Website, Instagram, and YouTube!

2 weeks left - you got this! Keep rocking Cookie Season and always 'Climb with Courage!'

LYM! <3

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