Hey #Heartbreaker! I loved being a guest on the latest episode of Andy Scullin's Unsigned518 Podcast! The episode just dropped and I know you're going to love it! The format of Unsigned518 is so unique & I had the opportunity to talk about a lot of things I've never ever talked about before (like…..I was in a girl group???!).

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Unsigned 518 - Episode #78: Kristina has been making and performing music for most of her life. She has already done so much professionally that I would not be surprised if she became not only nationally known but internationally as well. Her tightly crafted songs will get into your head quickly, with the only way to get them out being to listen to them on repeat. I found myself humming the tunes for days after our conversation. Get to know Kristina and her songs here on Unsigned518 Episode 78 with Kristina Lachaga.

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Hope you enjoy! x



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Love You More - Kristina Lachaga

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