#HeartbreakerHoliday 2023 kicks off early this year! Join the celebration, #Heartbreakers!

#HeartbreakerHoliday 2023

Hey #Heartbreakers! We're starting our #HeartbreakerHoliday Celebration a little early this year! Bring on the pink, snowy, & sparkly wintery fun...from now until we welcome in 2024! I loved celebrating all things #Heartbreaker with you during our annual celebration

Stay tuned for exciting news, announcements, exclusive content and stellar celebrations, #Heartbreakers!


Hope you're having an AMAZING #HeartbreakerHoliday! To celebrate #HeartbreakerHoliday, I'm so excited to be releasing new videos and content until the end of December!

Check back every day for videos and more!

#HeartbreakerHoliday - Day #1 - WATCH ON YOUTUBE

#HeartbreakerHoliday - Day #2 - WATCH ON YOUTUBE

#HeartbreakerHoliday - Day #3

Mystery Lipsync Video!

WATCH ON YOUTUBE: https://youtube.com/shorts/34spbyPyL3c?si=-euUCbiGK7LwBx_6

#HeartbreakerHoliday - Day #4 - WATCH ON YOUTUBE

#HeartbreakerHoliday - Day #5 - WATCH ON YOUTUBE

throwing it back to one of my FAVE songs to perform...hey, Zedd! call me ;)

WATCH ON YOUTUBE - https://youtube.com/shorts/0BjvwAq6Iyo?si=LmECUeXIHA3MGN9f

#HeartbreakerHoliday - Day #6 - WATCH ON YOUTUBE

#HeartbreakerHoliday - Day #7 - WATCH ON YOUTUBE

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Listen to our Official #HeartbreakerHoliday Playlist!

And make sure you listen to our official #HeartbreakerHoliday Playlist on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube! I hope you enjoy listening to my Christmas songs and covers that are featured on the playlists along with my faveeee songs to get me in the Holiday Spirit: Last Christmas, Christmas Day, Mistletoe, and Dear Santa :)


It's your (extended!) month, let's celebrate! xo

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